Novatek Green Energy Sp. z o.o. was set up in September 2009, whereas its distribution activity was commenced in 2010. The main goal of the Company is to provide the finest-quality gas for Customers in Poland, whilst guaranteeing the quality, safety and professional service. The Company has appropriate warehousing and logistics infrastructure, prepared for delivering gas to the Customers all over Poland.


The precisely-defined profile of activity and also concentrating on what we can do best certainly benefit our Customers. Using several-year long experience in production, logistic and sale, PAO NOVATEK and also the team of professionals in Poland may successfully meet the diversified needs of both natural persons and corporate Customers in the scope of products and services connected with the LPG market.


Competitive advantage

The competitive advantage of Novatek Green Energy is ensured by the perfect quality of the natural product from PAO Novatek’s deposits. The Company’s own deposits make it independent of gas importers in Poland, ensuring the stability of deliveries of the highest-quality gas throughout the year and at the producer’s prices.

Transport and distribution

Gas is delivered directly to Poland with the use of railroad transport on more than 3,000 Company’s own railroad cars dedicated only to transporting Novatek’s LPG. Distribution and warehousing takes place in the closed circuit, ensuring the original origin of gas for all Customers.

Transshipment terminals

Novatek Polska has its own modern liquefied gas transshipment terminal, having the transshipment capacity of 15,000 tons a month. It is situated next to the broad-gauge LHS track at the station Gołuchów near Kielce. Depending on the needs, the Company regularly collaborates with other terminals in Poland.  

Membership in organizations

Novatek Green Energy is one of the companies being members of the Polish LPG Association, which was set up in 1996. Since that time, it has been participating actively in the life of the fuel industry. The members of the Association are production and trade entities involved in purchasing, bottling and distribution of liquefied gas LPG.
In 2018, the Novatek Green Energy company became a member of the Polish LNG Platform which was founded in 2017. The organization brings together employers of the broadly understood liquefied natural gas industry and cooperates with similar foreign partners.

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