• LNG fueling station in Rostock (Germany)

    First Carbon Neutral LNG Fueling Station in Europe
  • International Company

    Novatek Green Energy is part of PAO NOVATEK, Russia’s largest independent natural gas producer and one of the largest natural gas producers in the world.
  • Natural LPG

    The liquefied gas of Novatek was formed as a result of natural processes, thanks to which fact it can boast the exceptional and very stable quality parameters and also low sulfur contents.
  • Independence

    A natural deposit and also own tabor of more than 3,000 railroad cars guarantee the stable deliveries of high-quality gas throughout the year and at the producer’s prices.
  • Terminal Novatek South

    The modern liquefied gas terminal having the transshipment capacity of 15,000 tons a month is situated directly next to the LHS broad-gauge track near the station Gołuchów near Kielce.
  • Cooperation with Partners

    Cooperation with specialists in the gas and heating industries – fitters, designers and also architects is an important element of the development strategy of the Novatek company.
Base prices Novatek Green Energy
FCA propane-butane* 22.10.2021
Terminals Net price Change
Braniewo 3 450 zł/t +10 zł/t
Brzeźno 3 470 zł/t +10 zł/t
Gołuchów 3 530 zł/t +10 zł/t
Małaszewicze 3 450 zł/t +10 zł/t
Sosnowiec 3 550 zł/t +10 zł/t
Krzyż Wlkp. 3 530 zł/t +10 zł/t

* Net prices with government obligatory stock fee (99,00 PLN/t); without excise tax (644 PLN/t) & motorway fee (198,25 PLN/t) and fee resulting from the realization of energy efficiency obligation.

See current price list for selected Terminals, Archival FCA price-lists and Summary of FCA prices.

Exchange rates (NBP)
Currency Symbol Rate [PLN]
U.S. Dollar 1 USD 3,9576
Euro 1 EUR 4,6072