Novatek Green Energy pressurises LP gas into 10-, 11-, and 33-kg cylinders, as well as forklift cylinders. Each of the cylinders is thoroughly controlled against potential defects and its condition. Cylinders filled with pressurised LP gas are then controlled against their weight and tightness, and are secured with a piece of shrink film with a number stamped on it, certifying that the cylinder was filled at Novatek Green Energy facility.

Not only is the LP gas in cylinders relatively inexpensive, it is also easy to transport and store. This is the only portable energy source that allows to fuel heating devices as well as technology equipment. It proves to be invaluable in all those cases, when other fuel sources are unavailable. Moreover, LP gas burning is clean and odour-free, and the products of this chemical reaction are carbon dioxide and water. Using pressurised LP gas in cylinders is not affected by any fixes fees, as are electric power or natural gas. Moreover, such cylinders are an excellent countermeasure in natural gas shortage periods.

11 kg cylinders 

Extremely safe and easy to use cylinders containing 11kg of pressurised propane-butane are very popular energy source used for cooking. They can be found in approximately 40% of Polish households. Equally popular in summer houses, stationary and mobile pubs and restaurants, as well as during open-air parties.


The highest-quality, clean, and natural Novatek LP gas burns with a steady, blue flame which does not leave deposit on pots and pans nor does it release any odour, yet offers a high cooking temperature. Hence, meals preparation consumes less time, the meals themselves are tastier and healthier, and cooking and eating becomes pure pleasure.


10 kg cylinders

Ten-kilogram cylinders of propane-butane are used extensively in many branches of the industry and in various technology processes, especially when supplying other forms of energy would be difficult, i.e.:

  • on roofing works, e.g. to weld roofing membranes or to solder gutters;

  • while processing, cutting, and welding metals (including scrap metal);

  • during construction works to heat and dry the premises;

  • to heat up bituminous mass in road building equipment;

  • to shrink film on film-wrapped pallets;

  • during installation works (welding);

  • in farming to dry hay or grain, and heat poultry and pig houses. 

In particular, Novatek recommends to use propane to fuel gas heaters and radiators, as well as in the technology processes due to the following facts that:
  • propane is more calorific and burns, giving hotter flame;

  • propane evaporates from the liquid phase in greater extent, thus being suitable for use in below-zero temperatures (even as low as

  • propane is suitable for fuelling equipment of much greater power, which is particularly important in using heaters.

Forklift cylinders

Novatek’s natural gas is an ideal choice to fill siphon cylinders, as it is extremely clean and efficient, which extends the lifetime of the motor and guarantees flawless forklift operation. The use of Novatek’s natural gas results in reducing the numbers of repairs, maintenance inspections and downtimes.

The cylinders are filled with the same gas mixture as the one used to fuel cars, i.e. conforming with the EN 589 standard. The fumes are less toxic, therefore the LPG-fuelled vehicles can operate 24 hours in closed storage spaces of higher cleanliness standards, e.g. in food warehouses. 


Advantages of Novateks’ natural LP gas in forklift cylinders:

  • High octane rating — above 94;

  • Stable, optimal propane content: 60% in winter and at least 50% in summer;

  • No water and contaminations;

  • The lowest sulphur level—less than 30 mg/kg.


LPG Forklift cylinders


Novatek LPG Butle 33 kg

30/33 kg cylinders

Novatek offers 30-kg and 33-kg propane- and propane-butane-filled cylinders, used extensively in gastronomy as well as in compact outdoor installations used to heat habitable edifices and warehouses. These are also excellent choice when it comes to cooking, barbecuing, heating water or space. Thirty-kilogram cylinders can be also utilised with large power consumption equipment. Should a larger fuel source be needed, cylinders can be combined in 2- to 8-unit batteries.

Gas bottle cage
As part of cooperation with Novatek Green Energy, it is possible to provide metal racks for storing gas bootles in the amount of 8, 12 or 20 pieces.
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