Novatek offers its own autogas distributed in a closed cycle. Thus, the company can guarantee that petrol stations receive the original, highest-quality LP gas.

Additionally, the company offer an incredibly convenient service called INFOGAZ, i.e. autogas Smooth Delivery Guaranteed at the right time with no engagement on the side of the petrol station staff. Detailed and individual offer is prepared by a company representative to tailor the customer’s precise needs and expectations.

INFOGAZ – Autogas Smooth Delivery Guaranteed

Production: Novatek’s autogas is created in the natural deposits of natural gas, and after extraction and preparation processing at the Novatek PAO facility, it is exported to Poland.
Railroad transport: from Novatek PAO, autogas is transported to the handling terminals in Poland, carried by the broad gauge track rail lines in over 3000 tank wagons dedicated to transport Novatek’s LP gas.

Handling terminals: Novatek owns two handling terminals in northern and southern Poland and uses them to distribute autogas to petrol stations. What is more, the company cooperates with five other such facilities, granting wholesale customers constant access to LP gas.

Owned transport fleet: at the terminals, autogas is transferred to Novatek’s tank lorries and delivered directly to petrol stations.

Supervision and gas deliveries: owing to the state-of-the-art telemetric system, the specialist team in Novatek has remote access to information on the state of the containers and can arrange new deliveries just in time.

Autogas is always available at the petrol station: INFOGAZ system grants that each petrol station has sufficient autogas provision all the time, giving the same the owners sense of comfort and safety.

  INFOGAZ — Autogas Smooth Delivery Guaranteed


Novatek autogas is produced and distributed in a closed cycle. Such chain of supply gives the company full control over the product, and drivers can benefit from the genuine fixed-quality fuel.

Advantages of Novatek autogas

  • High octane rating (over 94) guarantees that fuel is combusted without engine-damaging knocking.
  • Optimal and fixed amount of propane in the mixture (60% in winter and at least 50% in summer) is all the engine needs to work flawlessly each season.
  • Novatek autogas, as it is fully natural and distributed in a closed cycle eliminating needles trans-shipment, contains no contaminations.
  • The lowest sulphur level (less than 30 mg/kg) resulting from the natural process of creation of the Novatek autogas. The same this fuel is less corrosive, more environment-friendly, and less destructive for the catalytic combustion system.
  • As Novatek autogas contains no water, it is not corrosive and creates no risk of forming ice plugs in the fuel system.