There are a number of areas in Poland that cannot be easily and quickly connected to the natural gas transmission network. Most often it is difficult because of the vast area, unregulated ownership issues, or the high cost of investment. In this case, an economically interesting alternative is a gasification with modern technology of liquefied natural gas. For this purpose, an LNG regasification terminal and gas network are built, to which connected are public utility buildings, businesses and residents.

The terminal is noiseless and emission-free and therefore environmentally friendly. Liquefied natural gas is supplied by the tank trucks. After changing its state to volatile, it is sent to the transmission-distribution network, covering the whole area.

The emergence of gas network affects the interest of investors in the area, especially various kinds of industrial plants, because the natural gas is required in manufacturing processes of many industrial technologies. Gas prices are attractive in relation to alternative fuels, and additionally the Energy Regulatory Office watches over them, which gives customers the full sense of security and comfort when using this ecological energy source.
We encourage representatives of local authorities, local entrepreneurs and representatives of local residents alike to contact us concerning the gasification of the region. Our consultants will lay out a detailed plan for such an investment. 

The Novatek Green Energy company range of services:

  • Preparation and implementation of gasification for Polish regions (towns, municipalities, counties);
  • TImplementation and construction of LNG regasification installation;
  • Trading and distribution of LNG to end users.

Novatek Green Energy deals with comprehensive implementation of the investment – from carrying out changes in the zoning plan, through obtaining a zoning approval, designing, to obtaining a construction permit, finalizing the construction and obtaining a structure occupancy permit. The development includes technical, economic and financial solutions.

LNG regasification terminal diagram 

 LNG regasification terminal diagram