The Novatek Green Energy company, due to its many years of experience in the gas market, offers the entrepreneurs in Poland a liquefied natural gas (LNG) as an economical and ecological alternative to other sources of energy used in production processes.

The firm is owned by the Novatek PAO company – the largest independent gas producer in Russia. As in the case of LPG, the company has access to their own LNG resources LNG, so it can ensure stable and uninterrupted supply of the product. Highly qualified staff with specific expertise, can provide for Polish customers services concerning technical consulting, design and construction of installations for liquefied natural gas, as well as access to professional maintenance services.

LNG terminals

LNG is an attractive energy source for the production plants located in non-gasified areas. In order to provide gas to these places, special regasification terminals are built, which are equipped with cryogenic tanks and a set of vaporizers that allow a change of gas state from liquid to volatile. After regasification, the gas is delivered to individual recipients. There is a growing interest in such a solution in industries: food, construction, energy, fuel, greenhouse, cement and many others.


LNG regasification terminal diagram


1. Cryogenic tank
LNG is transported from the gas processing plant to the regasification terminal in specialized cryogenic tanks, maintaining low temperature of the liquefied gas during its transportation.
2. Cryogenic containers
Vertical or horizontal with capacities from 30 m3 to approx. 100 m3. They are used for the storage of gas in liquefied form.
3. Ambient air vaporizers
They are used to change the state from liquid to gas, and their efficiency is determined on the basis of the recipient devices’ demand.
4. Pressure reduction/measuring unit
It is used to obtain the appropriate parameters of the gas. At the unit, the gas is heated, filtered, and the pressure is reduced to a required value. Counter measures the gas purchased by the customer in Nm3, therefore the procedure of settlement for consumed gas looks almost the same as with receiving gas from the national transmission network.
5. Odorization device
It is used for odorizing the gas with the THT compound (tetrahydrothiophene), which has a distinctive and lasting fragrance.