NOVATEK Launched Small-Scale LNG Plant in Magnitogorsk

August 26, 2020

Magnitogorsk, 26 August 2020. PAO NOVATEK (“NOVATEK” and/or the “Company”) announced that today in Magnitogorsk a ceremony was held, in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yury Borisov, to launch the first small-scale LNG plant in the Chelyabinsk region with a design capacity of 40 thousand tons per annum. NOVATEK-Chelyabinsk, a wholly owned subsidiary, commenced pilot LNG production at the facility. The main technological equipment was supplied by JSC NPO GELIYMASH, one of the leading manufacturers in Russia specializing in cryogenic technologies.

The LNG produced will be sold primarily as natural gas motor fuel, which represents the downstream market being actively developed by the Company. NOVATEK will supply LNG to its branded refueling complexes for passenger, cargo transport and mining equipment in the Chelyabinsk Region and the neighboring areas.


“The use of LNG as a motor fuel is strongly supported by NOVATEK,” noted Leonid Mikhelson, NOVATEK’s Chairman of the Management Board. “This represents a promising market segment that we are actively developing both in Russia and abroad. The use of liquefied natural gas as a motor fuel can significantly reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere that is important to protect the environment, as well as to reduce the fuel costs for transportation”.





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