1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user's computer or device while browsing our websites.

2. What are cookies for?

We use cookies to improve traffic on our website. Another objective is to increase the friendliness of our website and to understand behaviour of visitors of our website better.

3. How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to:
  • Store user login data;
  • Identify the user while logging on our website;
  • Collect analytical data such as the number of visitors to our websites and find out which pages on our website are most frequently visited. We use the analytical data for marketing purposes;
  • Check whether our customers and visitors adapt to changes introduced on our website without any problems.  

4. Information collected by cookies files

Cookies allow us to collect information on how users use our website. Only unique session identifier is stored by cookies and it allows us to recreate user profile and preferences that are useful when the user visits the site in the future.

5. Types of cookies

Session cookies - these cookies are temporarily stored on user's computer or device during a browsing session and are deleted from the computer or device after the session finishes.
  • Persistent cookies - these cookies are stored on user's computer for a long time.
  • Persistent cookies are used when we need information about the user based on more than one browsing session. 

6. Managing cookies

Most browsers include cookies management options and allow adjusting and configuring cookies settings. Typically, the browser allows you to:
  • display cookies;
  • give permission to use cookies;
  • disable all or certain cookies;
  • disable all cookies when closing the browser;
  • block cookies;
  • be notified when cookies are received. 
It is to be kept in mind that blocking cookies may prevent the user from access to certain parts of our websites. If the user selects the option of removing all cookies, the browser preferences will be deleted upon closing the browser.
Please note that if browser settings are not set to refuse cookies, our system will generate cookies from the very beginning of the visit to our website.

7. Changing rules of storage and receipt of cookies

Below are detailed instructions on how to change the rules of storage and receipt of cookies by proper configuration of settings in the most popular browsers: